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Noella & John Stevens
Pembroke, ON

About Us
We are two sisters, from Pembroke, Ontario, Eileen (Chaput) Malette and Noella (Chaput) Stevens, who have written an awesome series of books that help children to build self-esteem and practice daily gratitude. It's called Sharing The Secret Series. Noella's daughter, Corinne Recoskie, is the illustrator.

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Additional Information
In this ever changing world, we feel that children need all the positive influences and encouragement that they can get, every single day. It is our responsibility as parents/teachers/caregivers to boost their confidence and give each one, unconditional love. This will help them become whole, independent, and most of all, Happy individuals.

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I just love the down to earthiness of all the people and the food here! This is an honest to goodness revolution, and it's happening in our pantries and in our browsers... a must for the socially conscious gourmet or those who just plain love to eat ! 

Janie McDonals

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