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Cumin-Coriander Beef Patties

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Local Ingredients:




Jalapeno Pepper


Ingredient list

Ingredients for Servings

1lbground beef
0,75cuponions, finely chopped
1tspginger root, minced
1tspcoriander, ground
0,50tspjalapeno pepper, minced
0,50cupcoriander or mint leaves, chopped
-vegetable oil


Place the ground beef in a bowl with the onion, ginger, cumin, ground coriander, jalapeno, salt, and

yogurt. Mix with a spoon, spatula or your hands. To blend the seasonings and to help the meat hold

together when cooking, mix until a smooth consistency is achieved. Mix in the chopped fresh coriander

leaves (or chopped fresh mint). Wet your hands and shape into 8 round or oval patties, using about .

cup of the mixture for each patty. Give the patties several firm squeezes to help them hold their shape,

and place on a lightly oiled plate until ready to fry.


Place a skillet over medium high heat and add about 2 tablespoons of oil. Place in as many patties that

will fit comfortably in the pan. If you like patties with a slightly crunchy exterior, leave the heat on

medium high. If you want a softer exterior, lower the heat to medium. Cook for about 5 to 6 minutes

on each side, depending on the level of heat. Serve warm with a vegetable dish, East Indian chapattis,

in a pita bread, or with a salad.


These patties can also be cooked under the broiler or on a barbeque. For an interesting variation,

squeeze the meat onto a metal skewer and barbeque like a kabob.


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I could not survive without the Ottawa Valley Food Coop as I am totally morally allergic to commercial supermarkets. Thank you all the producers for taking care of my family!

Jalaka Mally
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