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Bryson Farms

ID Product Name [About Producer] Type Price
#3713  Tomatoes, \ Tomatoes, "Just" Roasted Heirloom (825g)
Order number of items. Gluten-Free and Vegan. This new product is "just" roasted heirloom tomatoes - NO salt or anything else! Just Defrost, season, and enjoy! Roasted Heirloom Tomatoes in their own juices. Great for that perfect spaghetti or pasta sauce! So many uses!
Certified Organic $7.00/item
#3710 Corn, Frozen Sweet (250g) Corn, Frozen Sweet (250g)
Order number of items. Our frozen sweet corn in a 250g serving.
Certified Organic $7.50/item
#5606 Crushed Garlic Scape in Olive Oil (125ml) Crushed Garlic Scape in Olive Oil (125ml)
Order number of items. Ingredients: garlic scape*, olive oil* (*organic)
- $9.00/item
#5533 Diced Sweet Peppers Diced Sweet Peppers
Order number of bags. Diced and flash-frozen sweet peppers (250g)
Certified Organic $6.00/bag
#5534 Diced Sweet Potatoes (350g) Diced Sweet Potatoes (350g)
Order number of bags. Diced and flash-frozen sweet potatoes (350g)
Certified Organic $6.00/bag
#4515 Squash, Diced Butternut Squash, Diced Butternut
Order number of units. Diced, uncooked, peeled, certified organic squash - ready to use in your favourite recipe! (250g)
Certified Organic $5.00/unit
#5013 Tomatoes, Flash-Frozen, San Marzano, Whole (2kg) Tomatoes, Flash-Frozen, San Marzano, Whole (2kg)
Order number of packages. Vacuum packed flash-frozen, whole, San Marzano (2kg)
Try our whole, flash-frozen, preserved San Marzano heirloom tomatoes for that perfect dish in winter!
Certified Organic $20.00/package
#4879 Tomatoes, Flash-Frozen, Whole, Cored, Heirloom Tomatoes, Flash-Frozen, Whole, Cored, Heirloom
Order number of units. Vacuum packed flash-frozen, whole, cored, Heirloom Tomatoes (500g)
Not processed! Can be sliced, diced, chopped! Skins remove easily when thawed! AND these tomatoes are delicious! NO ADDITIVES! They are the closest to fresh tomatoes you will ever find! You will love cooking with them!
Thank you Chef Richard!
Certified Organic $6.50/unit
#3715 Wheat Grass (Frozen) 24 count Wheat Grass (Frozen) 24 count
Order number of items. Flash-frozen wheat grass, packaged in 24-serving packages of 14 grams each! Perfect for a daily dose!! Just cut off a "cube" of wheat grass as needed and return the package to your freezer. Our Canadian Organic wheat grass is, of course, grown in our greenhouses - harvested, washed, and dried - then juiced and flash-frozen in our commercial kitchen promptly after harvest - so it is fresh, fresh, fresh and, therefore, full of nutrients!!
Certified Organic $38.00/item