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Producers and Products in the Garlic Section

Moonlight Crofters Farm

ID Product Name [About Producer] Type Price
#3071 Garlic, small Garlic, small
Order number of items. Potent and flavourful organic garlic (uncertified). Musik variety, small bulbs.
- $1.50/item

The Sacred Gardener

ID Product Name [About Producer] Type Price
#828 Large White Garlic
Order number of heads. Large tasty garlic!
Certified Organic $2.75/head
#5764 'Music' Garlic-Bunch
Order number of bunch s. Large heads of 'Music' Garlic. Bunch of 6.
- $15.00/bunch

Yellowmoon Farm & Forest

ID Product Name [About Producer] Type Price
#4876 Garlic Scapes in organic rendered lard
Order number of jars. Organic Garlic Scapes in Organic rendered soy free lard - Organically grown (non-certified) garlic scapes chopped in organic rendered lard. Lard is heat stable and healthy. Great for flavoring or adding to sauces, dips or dressings. Frozen. 250 ml jar Pigs pastured and fed an organic diet (certified organic feed supplemented with organic eggs, greens, garden weeds and apples).
- $7.50/jar
#4877 Organic minced garlic in lard (soy free pastured)
Order number of jars. Organic non-certified garlic in organic rendered lard. 125 ml jar. Lard is a heat stable healthy fat. The lard is rendered from pastured organic pig fat. This item is frozen.
- $6.95/jar