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AAA Farm

ID Product Name [About Producer] Type Price
#3634 Chili Sauce (500 ml) Chili Sauce (500 ml)
Order number of jars. Old time recipe using our farm fresh *tomatoes, zucchini, onions, apples, green and red peppers. As well as sugar, vinegar and spices.Fantastic on eggs and our all time favorite served over hot tourtiere. A match made in heaven. 500 ml jar (*locally grown)
- $6.50/jar
#4392 Chow Chow 500 ml Chow Chow 500 ml
Order number of jars. Chow-chow is a very old-fashioned relish made with green tomatoes. Still very popular on the east coast, especially in Nova Scotia. Traditionally served with fish, especially fish cakes, and with baked beans, but also good with chicken, eggs or pork. Made with our locally grown farm fresh tomatoes and onions as well as vinegar, spices, sugar and salt. 500 ml jar
- $6.50/jar
#4723 Peach Sriracha Jam Peach Sriracha Jam
Order number of jars. Juicy peaches and fiery sriracha combine for a jam that's not just peachy... it's spicy too! It is sweet and undoubtedly spicy. This sauce pairs well with cheese, eggs, and pork chops and makes and amazing sauce for chicken wings. Ingredients- Peaches,Sugar,Lemon,Pectin,Sriracha
- $6.50/jar
#5499 Spicy Pepper Mustard
Order number of jars. This mustard is combined with a variety of our heirloom hot peppers to create a spicy condiment for dipping pretzels or chicken strips or even as a glaze for roasts or chicken.
- $5.00/jar
#3956 Tomato Jam 250 ml Tomato Jam 250 ml
Order number of jars. Think of this rich, deeply colored jam as ketchup for adults. Use it in the place of ketchup, and in places where regular ketchup just shouldn't be used. (Think soft, stinky cheese) My favorite place is slathered on my ham grilled cheese. Made from fresh tomatoes, sugar, lime juice, ginger, spices, salt and red pepper flakes. 250 ml jar
- $6.50/jar

Bryson Farms

ID Product Name [About Producer] Type Price
#5608 Bryson Farms\' Million Dollar Relish (500 ml) Bryson Farms' Million Dollar Relish (500 ml)
Order number of jars. WOW! A real treat! VEGAN & MADE-WITHOUT-GLUTEN
Ingredients: cucumbers*, red peppers*, greens peppers*, onions*, celery salt, mustard seed*, turmeric, vinegar*, salt (*organic)(500 ml)
- $9.00/jar
#4882 Chutney, Green Tomato-Apple (250ml) Chutney, Green Tomato-Apple (250ml)
Order number of jars. A great chutney by Chef Richard Nigro! VEGAN
Green tomatoes*, apples*, currants*, onions*, garlic*, cider vinegar*, white sugar*, brown sugar*, ginger*, yellow mustard*, coriander*, cinnamon*, peppers*, salt (*organic) (250ml)
Certified Organic $9.00/jar
#4328 Chutney, Heirloom Tomato-Ginger Chutney, Heirloom Tomato-Ginger
Order number of jars.
Developed for Bryson Farms by Chef Richard Nigro.
Ingredients: tomatoes*, jalapeno pepper *, ginger*, canola oil*, pepper*, cardamom*, cinnamon*, cloves* brown sugar*, cider vinegar* (*organic) 250ml
- $9.00/jar
#4433 Chutney, Sweet & Spicy Corn Chutney, Sweet & Spicy Corn
Order number of jars.
A sweet and spicy chutney - another Chef Richard creation! Great with pork, poultry, vegetables - on sandwiches, omlets - anything!
Ingredients: corn*, sweet pepper*, jalapeno pepper*, onions*, apple cider vinegar*, sugar*, mustard seeds*, ginger*, cinnamon* (*organic) 250 ml
- $6.75/jar
#4716 Jam, Heirloom Tomato-Basil (250ml) Jam, Heirloom Tomato-Basil (250ml)
Order number of jars. A unique condiment for just about anything!
Ingredients: Bryson Farms heirloom tomatoes*, onions*, honey*, white wine*, olive oil*, basil*, pepper* (*organic)
- $8.00/jar
#4881 Relish, Eggplant-Heirloom Tomato (250ml) Relish, Eggplant-Heirloom Tomato (250ml)
Order number of jars. Chef Richard Nigro's Eggplant-Tomato Relish! VEGETARIAN
Eggplant*, tomatoes*, onions*, garlic*, red wine vinegar*, olive oil*, salt, thyme*, honey*, pepper* (*organic) (250 ml)
- $8.00/jar
#4886 Tomatoes, Curry-Pickled Green (250 ml) Tomatoes, Curry-Pickled Green (250 ml)
Order number of jars. Curry-Pickled Green Tomatoes created by Chef Richard Nigro! So many uses!
Ingredients: green tomatoes*, onions*, cider vinegar*, salt, sugar*, curry powder*, turmeric*, mustard seed*, cinnamon*, ginger* (*organic) (250ml)
- $7.50/jar

Coronation Hall Cider Mills

ID Product Name [About Producer] Type Price
#2898 Apple Relish
Order number of jars. Great with meats or cheeses. Ingredients: apples, sugar, vinegar, water, raisins, almonds, ginger, mustard seeds, salt, cayenne pepper.
- $5.00/jar

Rankin Culture and Recreation Centre Inc

ID Product Name [About Producer] Type Price
#5553 Apple Sauce
Order number of units. Ingredients: apple and sugar 500ml container
- $4.00/container