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Producers and Products in the Spice/Spice Mix Section

Firefly Meadows Farm

ID Product Name [About Producer] Type Price
#5233 Garlic Scape Powder Garlic Scape Powder
Order number of bottles. A lovely, mild, garlic flavoured powder, made by dehydrating garlic scapes in our solar food dryer. This green powder is excellent on popcorn, garlic bread, or sprinkled on fried eggs. Try a new taste sensation today! 50g spice bottle.
- $8.00/bottle
#5415 Gourmet Garlic Powder
Order number of bottles. This year's garlic has been sliced, dried on our woodstove dehydrator, then powdered to give you a spicy taste of garlic that is very easy for you to use. Just keep the shaker bottle by your salt and pepper and add to any dish that needs a garlic twist to it.
- $12.00/bottle

Rankin Culture and Recreation Centre Inc

ID Product Name [About Producer] Type Price
#4824 Summer Savoury
Order number of jars.
- $5.00/jar

The Sacred Gardener

ID Product Name [About Producer] Type Price
#3092 Herbal Gomasio Herbal Gomasio
Order number of jar s. Can be used where you use salt. Very tasty! Allows you to use less salt, as well as regularly adding trace minerals into your diet! 250ml of Sea salt, dehydrated green onions (from the farm), toasted sesame seeds, nettles(from the farm), kelp.
Certified Organic $16.00/jar
#5191 Spruce Tip Salt
Order number of jar s. Use as a table condiment, or to season meats! Wild harvested spruce tips blended with sea salt. This diverse salt brings out complex levels of flavour in your cooking. 229ml
- $14.00/jar