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Reuben Stone
Stone Farms

Cobden, ON

1316 Ross rd.
Cobden, ON K0J1K0
613 281 2734 (home)
Product Types: Beef, Hemp hearts (hemp seeds), Cold-pressed Hemp Oils, Whole grains, Whole grain flours, Cattle manure-based compost

About Us
Stone Farms is into its fourth generation of farmers. We are compassionate farmers; our livestock is well treated and cared for with space to live, fed on pasture and custom produced feed. Beef and cropping has been the focus on the farm in the past and continues grow today. Excitement has been stirring around our newest focus: hemp! Hemp is a sustainable cereal crop with a seemingly endless list of uses and applications. Most well-known for its use as a textile fiber, the strong stalks of the hemp plant can be used to fabricate tough ropes, durable fabrics as well as many industrial products. The seeds, known also as "hearts" or "nuts", are incredibly healthy. A wonderfully beneficial source of nutrition, hemp hearts are also very tasty! Hemp is not new, but it has been neglected by many for some time. Fortunately, hemp is making a comeback in North America and we are very excited here at Stone Farms to be a part of the movement. Check out our website at

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Practices (our standards for raising or making our products)
Conventional field cropping and No-till to maximize soil water and nutrient retention. Corn Forage fed beef with no non-necessary antibiotics or hormones. Beef finishing animals get vitamin E and seaweed supplements to benefit meat quality. We control all aspects of our cow calf herd from conception right through to finish.

Additional Information
By running the amount of land we cover we use over 30,000 litres of diesel fuel yearly. Over the past four years we have begun transitioning away from diesel, instead replacing our fuel supply with renewable biodiesel; thus, our carbon footprint is reduced greatly while allowing us to continue field cropping. We have invested heavily in the appropriate fuel processing equipment which has allowed us to increase our biodiesel use to approximately 70% of our yearly fuel supply.