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Colin & Paula Fletcher
Fletchington Farms

Cobden, ON

101 Poff Rd
Cobden, ON K0J 1K0
613-646-2285 (home)
Product Types: Frozen cuts of Pork, also Sweet Corn, Cucumbers, Heirloom Tomatoes, Squash, and Pumpkins, in season. Some handmade items now available.

About Us

Welcome, we are Colin, Paula and Ella Fletcher. Colin is the fourth generation of a pork producing family. He's been producing high quality pork since 1997. Colin attended Centralia Agricultural College. He has been a member of the Renfrew County Pork Producers for 17 years and has been President for 8 of those years, as well as being involved in many other county agricultural committees. Recently, the Fletcher family was inducted into the Renfrew County Agricultural Wall of Fame. Fletchington Farms has been 40 years in this location. We strive to use sustainable farming methods and to reduce our environmental impact. Even our home is heated by homegrown corn, used in our grain stove. Someday, we would like to be completely "off the grid".

We are a family farm and intend to make a living on the farm while passing on an even better environment to our daughter. Colin has completed the third edition of the Ontario Environmental Farm Plan.

It is important to us to remain as a family farm and to promote the continuity of family farms as a way of life (ie, job) and not as a chosen "lifestyle" or "hobby". In today's global marketplace, it's important to know where your food is coming from; most countries (including the US) don't have the strict rules surrounding food production that Canada does. Colin works extremely hard to raise our pigs and we are very proud of our quality products.

Our pigs are uncertified purebred Yorkshire pigs. This is a very old English breed. They were first developed in 1761 from an old Leicestershire breed. The Yorkshire are a large, white breed. They are a nice, quiet, docile breed with strong maternal instincts. Our Yorks have been bred to produce lean, flavourful meat.

This is also the home of P&E Creations. This is the outlet for all of Paula's creative energy. We'll be adding new items as they become available.

We're open daily at 19481 Hwy 17 west, just west of Cobden -watch for the sign. Colin's mom will be happy to help you select some pork and vegetables. The vegetables are available in season. Pork is available every day.

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Practices (our standards for raising or making our products)
We strive to grow high quality, affordable pork. All our pigs, except farrowing sows, are kept in loose-housing so they can run around and socialize. Sows and piglets are kept in the farrowing pen for up to 4 weeks after birth, in order to minimize piglets being crushed to death by the sow. Our pigs are fed homegrown, naturally dried corn, as a source of energy. This way we are able to keep our prices reasonable (so our friends and neighbours can afford it) and we also know EXACTLY what went into the corn, instead of just taking the word of the feed salesman. The pigs also get soybean meal as a protein source. Toasted Soybean meal must be purchased because pigs are unable to digest raw soybeans. We buy our soybean meal in bulk to eliminate packaging waste. Our vitamins and minerals are sourced from Europe (company on the leading-edge for natural products) because Chinese and American sources have too many impurities. These are also bought in bulk.

Our pigs are HORMONE FREE. Also, we do not feed animal by-products. We treat sick/injured animals the same way the Certified Organic people do. Our pigs that go to market are tested for drug residue EVERY week. We use natural products to keep our pigs healthy, eg. seaweed to dry newborns, peat moss for scours, and citric acid (vitamin C) to lower PH of water to help prevent digestive issues, etc. Our barns have all the new compact florescent bulbs. And we have now switched to high efficient heat pads for the farrowing pens, instead of the old heat lamps. Our meat is processed at a local, provincially inspected abattoir. Colin and his Dad have supplied Rieche Meats for 40 years now.

We grow corn, wheat and soybeans. The corn is naturally air dried (no propane) and used on the farm. The wheat and soybeans are sold to market, though I'm looking into keeping some of the wheat and grinding our own flour. We use animal and green manures, and farm as sustainably as possible. We also choose seed varieties that reduce our need to spray for insects and disease. Our crops are regularly rotated to improve soil structure and reduce insect/disease/weeds. We also regularly take soil samples so we can balance the soil fertility to plant requirements. Animal manure is incorporated into the soil to ELIMINATE run-off and smell and loss of nitrogen to the atmosphere. We have recently purchased a no-till grain drill. This will save us approximately 45 hours less tractor time and 1300L diesel fuel each year. No-till helps improve soil health and prevents erosion. We also use conservation tillage with a chisel plow which covers more land than a mouldboard plow in the same amount of time, therefore using less fuel and leaves more residual crop matter which reduces wind and rain erosion.

We have 60 acres of untouched wetlands/river frontage which is home to all sorts of birds, animals, fishes, etc.

Our sweet corn is watered by Mother Nature. We grow our vegetables organically. Our vegetables are grown in a mulched garden which is watered by drip irrigation hoses. But since the garden is mulched, it requires little extra water. Many of our vegetables are heirloom varieties. They have been around for 100 years or more and have great taste not found in grocery stores. I make pickles and relishes from the extras.

Please note, all canned products are made in our home kitchen. We are NOT a commercial kitchen. But I do take preserving food very seriously and follow all the modern canning instructions. This is the same food I feed my family and I'd be happy to feed your family too.

Additional Information
We are certified under the Canadian Quality Assurance (CQA) program. This is a nationwide program which regulates animal care, especially related to medication usage and withdrawal time. You should ask all your meat producers if they are part of such regulatory programs to assure the quality and safety of their meat products. We try to use alternative methods to keep our pigs healthy. The CQA program also requires we keep the pigs inside. It is to prevent various diseases spread by migrating birds, i.e. bird flu, from entering the swine herd. This is to prevent the spread of disease to the human population.

Today's pork is healthy and safe. Trichinosis, the reason pork used to be so overcooked, is generally a soil borne worm. It is picked up by pigs that eat contaminated meat. It has been eradicated from barn-raised pork for the last 40 years.

Enjoy our pork with a hint of pink. Cook to 165-170F.

Don't forget, all our products are available at the farm gate (19481 Hwy 17, Cobden). Enjoy our affordable products.

Highlights this Month
We have a website!!!!! Check us out at

Great news for our Petawawa customers. We are now supplying our delicious pork to the Burnt Bridge Beef Jerky Company. Check out the new store to pick up your pork.

As of February 2011, we will no longer be able to continue to sell our pork through the OVFC, however, our complete line of pork at our regular low prices is available EVERY DAY at both of our farm locations.

We can also be found at the Deep River Farmers' Market and various Taste of the Valley events.

Gluten free sausages now available. Come out and give them a try!

GREAT NEWS!!! This spring has brought Colin's seed cleaning total to 1.5 MILLION POUNDS! That's a lot of non-GMO seeds being grown in Renfrew County and the Pontiac. Check out our post to find out more (

For affordable, natural, homegrown, great tasting, healthy pork and vegetables; please come out to our farm location:

101 Poff Rd, Cobden