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Sue Solf & Bodo solf
foymount farm

cormac, ON

3837 foymount road
cormac, ON k0j1m0
613 754 2586 (home)
Product Types: lamb

About Us
I have eaten my food with a conscience for most of my life. I was brought up as a farmers daughter and became aware of some very cruel and unhealthy farming practices. My main concern is the welfare of the animals and the impact on our environment. If it is not natural then we do not use it. I first became conscious of how our modern methods of farming were impacting our health in the 1980's with an out break of BSE or Mad Cow decease hitting us in the UK. I was destine to grow and produce as much of my food as possible. With a young family to feed this became my mission. We emigrated to Canada in 2003 to purchase a farm that had no pesticides used for a long time if ever and now produce most of our own meat and vegetables for the year with some surplus to our needs which we will be able to sell from time to time.

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Practices (our standards for raising or making our products)
We aim to keep our farming practice as natural and stress free as is possible for the welfare of our animals and the environment.