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Brenna & Sharron Jansen
Hedgeview Farm

Pembroke, ON

2519B Greenwood Rd.
Pembroke, ON K8A6W2
613-638-1744 (home)
Product Types: Vegetables grown using ORGANIC practices.

About Us
Hedgeview Farm is a market garden grown on my family's former dairy farm. I started our market garden back in 2008 after returning from a few years of post-University work in Europe.
We offer a CSA veggie basket program (directly from the farm) during the summer months and attend the Carp Farmers' Market on Saturdays from May - October.
The garden is generally ran by 1 person (Brenna Jansen) along with occasional help for bean picking, garlic cleaning, market sales, etc.
We grow around 100 varieties of vegetables and some fruits as well as a dandy patch of award winning garlic.
My grandparents first came to the farm as refugee/immigrants back in the 1950s and my children are the 4th generation on our farm. The farm and the food we grow means the world to my family and we are grateful for the support and enthusiasm from our community here in Renfrew County.

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Practices (our standards for raising or making our products)
Our farm operates as close as possible to the Organic Production Systems, General Principles, and Management Practices regulations issued by the Canadian Government for Organic Farms.While not certified, we do use organic practises which means NO use of chemicals/products from the prohibited substances list.
So what do we do?
For INSECT CONTROL we use fine mesh netting, crop rotation, and hand pick certain bugs like potato beetle when needed.
For WEED CONTROL we use shallow cultivation, smother crops, dense plantings to shade out weeds, and often transplant into re-useable greenhouse ground tarps.
For SOIL FERTILITY we use crop rotation, pelleted hen manure (approved for organic production), compost, and nitrogen fixing cover crops like peas and clover.
For SOIL TILTH we avoid tillage when possible, and add loads of organic matter through compost and cover crops like rye, buckwheat and oats.
If you have any questions about our practices, you can reach Brenna here:

Vegetables: Greens and Lettuces

Order ID Product Name [About Producer] Type Price
Login to order #4580 Arugula Microgreens Arugula Microgreens
Order number of trays. Tray of tiny little arugula microgreens, which can be cut fresh and added to salads and sandwiches for a tender but spicy bite.

Login to order #4582 Asian Mustard Microgreens Asian Mustard Microgreens
Order number of trays. Tray of mustard microgreens. Mild in flavour but spicy.

Login to order #4581 Broccoli Rabe (Rapini) Microgreens Broccoli Rabe (Rapini) Microgreens
Order number of trays. Flat of rapini microgreens, which can be cut fresh and added to salads and sandwiches, with a mildly bitter, broccoli tasting flavour.

Login to order #4134 Microgreen Mix Microgreen Mix
Order number of trays. Sold in a tray (6'' diameter) - soil and all. You can trim what you like as needed. When you are done trimming, just toss the growing medium into the compost and recycle (or return to us) the container. Microgreens are a very nutrient dense green that you can add to salad, green smoothies, or use as a topping to any dish. Greens are a colourful and nutritious mix of Kohlrabi, Red Cabbage, Tatsoi, Mizuna, Blue Kale, Red Kale and Red Giant Mustard.