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Wellspring Gardens Logo Sheila Selby
Wellspring Gardens

Deep River, ON

228 Leader Road
Deep River, ON K0J 1P0
613-401-0879 (home)
Product Types: Bedding plants, vegetables, online farm store; goat milk soaps; breads, scones.

About Us
Wellspring Gardens is an organic market garden located on Leader Road in Laurentian Hills. It is owned and operated by me, Sheila Selby, and my husband Joe Renaud, both of us long-time residents of the area. Iâ??m the gardener and Joe is the invaluable infrastructure guy.

Now in our eighth year of production, we've integrated two greenhouses, two low tunnels, a cold storage, pastured chickens, turkeys and pigs, milking goats, a CSA veggie share program and attendance at the biweekly Deep River Farmers' Market into the plan. Weâ??re well on our way to our dream of a sustainable agriculture operation which will support our long term-goal of agritourism and a farm B&B.

For the 2017 growing season we have hybridized our CSA program by taking it online. We now serve local customers through Wellspring Food Stop, our web store hosted by Shopify. We maintain a booth at the biweekly Deep River Farmersâ?? Market (DRFM) and have added some baking to our veggie offerings. Irish Brown Bread, wood-fired sourdough and a variety of scones attract the carb crowd every market! Every spring we sell organically grown bedding plants (mostly heirloom tomatoes) and are expanding to meet the demand for other heirloom vegetables and herbs as well.

In the words of author Richard Miscovish (From the Wood-fired Oven), whose book is informing the bread oven process, "It is in our human spirit to build ovens, behold fire, bake bread, cook food, and provide for ourselves. Every one of us has a part in that story." The OVFC is certainly evidence that we're all playing an active part!

Our mission is to provide fresh, locally grown produce using sustainable agricultural practices and promote farmland as a community resource through ecotourism and education.


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Practices (our standards for raising or making our products)
Sustainability is the concept that guides our practices and decisions on the farm. It naturally excludes the use of pesticides, herbicides or any other "cides."

We fertilize by integrating animals in our operations and control weeds and pests using mechanical barriers such as row cover and mulch. Our newest acquisition is fifteen feet of black culvert which will be converted in to tumbling composters for our organic refuse and that of our CSA members.

Highlights this Month
This month we are offering subscriptions to our newly launched online store, Wellspring Food Stop. We'll be bringing it online in April and will open for sales in late May.

Baked Goods and Desserts: Bread

Order ID Product Name [About Producer] Type Price
Login to order #4851 Irish Brown Bread Irish Brown Bread
Order number of loaves. Dense delicious loaf is amazing either fresh or toasted with your choice of topping...goat cheese, marmalade, fried egg.... Made with stone ground whole wheat flour, white flour, wheat bran, buttermilk, sunflower seeds, wheat germ, steel-cut oats, brown sugar, eggs, baking powder, baking soda, salt. Approximately 2 lbs each.


Baked Goods and Desserts: Dessert Breads

Order ID Product Name [About Producer] Type Price
Login to order #4905 Lemon Cranberry Scones - pkg of 4 Lemon Cranberry Scones - pkg of 4
Order number of bags. Baked on delivery day. Best eaten the day of! Ingredients: flour, milk, butter, shortening, sugar, cranberries, lemon zest, baking powder, salt.


Health and Beauty: Soap

Order ID Product Name [About Producer] Type Price
Login to order #4361 Goatmeal Soap - Barn Buster Goatmeal Soap - Barn Buster
4 available. Order number of soaps. Goat milk soap hand made with olive oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil, oatmeal, sodium hydroxide (lye), citronella essential oil, and cedar oil. Strongly aromatic and soothing lather washes away even the smelliest of smells! All our soaps contain milk from our happy Nubians and Alpines. (Approx. 3.5 oz)


Meats: Goat

Order ID Product Name [About Producer] Type Price
Login to order #5420 Goat Chops
Order number of packages. You will be billed for exact PROCESSED weight (between 0.75 and 1.5 lbs) Pastured young goat. Processed locally at McGarrochs of Micksburg Meats. 2 chops per package.

Login to order #5421 Ground Goat
Order number of packages. You will be billed for exact PROCESSED weight (between 0.75 and 1 pounds) Young pastured goat. Processed locally at McGarrochs of Micksburg Meats.