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Paul Gallagher
Good Cheer Gardens

Douglas, ON

269 Gallagher Road, RR#2
Douglas, ON K0J 1S0
613-649-2427 (home)
Product Types: Naturally grown non-GMO vegetables, esp. sweet corn, potatoes, turnips, beets, squash. Dry Beans, Hay. Farm Gate sales welcome

About Us
Our land is both naturally wet clay next to the Bonnechere river, and rich sandy loam on a south-facing slope on higher land in the Douglas area. We raise cattle and sheep and grow vegetables naturally using organic methods with no chemicals and non-GMO. We rotate crops, fertilize with green crop plowdowns and composted animal manure, mulch with our own hay, and hand-pick the potato bugs that the wild turkeys don't get. Our pooch and the wild coyotes keep the raccoons, skunks, and deer out of the vegetables. In keeping with our Irish roots and Champlain's 'company of good cheer', we like to live with good cheer.

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Practices (our standards for raising or making our products)
vegetables grown naturally, with no chemicals and no GMO, and using crop rotation and composted cow and sheep manure and green plowdowns. Cultivation with four-leggeds, not four wheelers.

Highlights this Month
Read all about the history, interesting potato facts, and excellent nutritional value of the potato at the United Nations 'International Year of the Potato' website: . Taste our excellent red-skinned potatoes and white Kennebecs, it was a good potato year! Farm gate sales welcome, by chance or by appointment 613-649-2427