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Sarah Bennett
Sarah's Goats

Foresters Falls, ON

726 Sam
Foresters Falls, ON K0J 1V0
6135827331 (home)
Product Types: Goat meat

About Us
We have a little farm and I raise goats for milk for my family. When I had my third child we found out she was allergic to cows milk so it just made sense to get a goat, and well, you can never just have one goat! That being said, we occasionally have some goats for sale, butchered or live.

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Practices (our standards for raising or making our products)
I try to be as natural as possible but I am not organic either. I do feed grain to help keep my animals in tip top shape. I use organic mineral though and only use antibiotics and chemical wromer's in extreme cases.

Meats: Goat

Order ID Product Name [About Producer] Type Price
Login to order #4753 Bone in Goat stew
Order number of packages. Meaty chunks of bone in stew meat. Great for soups bone broth, and many other dishes. In one lb packages.

Login to order #4464 Goat Chops
Order number of packages. You will be billed for exact PROCESSED weight (between 0.5 and 1 pounds) 4 chops per package.

Login to order #4249 Goat stew meat
Order number of pakages. I lb packages chunked goat meat, boneless. Great for curries

Login to order #4187 Ground Goat
Order number of packages. I pound packages of ground goat meat

Login to order #4185 Leg of Goat Leg of Goat
0 available. Order number of packages. You will be billed for exact PROCESSED weight (between 2 and 4 pounds) Around 2 to 3 lbs, young goat.