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Sturgeon Mountain Lavender Farm Product List

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Wendy & Dean Williams
Sturgeon Mountain Lavender Farm

Cobden, ON
Product Types: Lavender, organic-non-certified (Hidcote and Munstead); fresh in season (June-July),Lavender Buds, Lavender Jelly, Lavender sachets, Lavender

About Us
In 2009, our little lavender farm really started out as an experiment...We had just moved to this area, and fell in love with this "little piece of heaven" as we call it. In 2009, I planted 100 lavender plants on a sunny slope which bakes in the hot sun all summer long. I was not sure how they would survive our cold and wet winters. The plants have thrived despite the weather and I now have 250 plants with 100-200 more coming in spring. I started making sachets but have now developed new products such as Lavender jelly, Lavender Sugar Cookies and Lavender chocolate brownies.

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Lavender Jelly Ingredients: Lavender Buds (organically grown- non-certified), Water, Sugar, Lemon Juice, Pectin Lavender and Chocolate Brownies in a Jar: Chocolate Pieces, White Chocolate pieces, white flour, cocoa powder, white sugar, salt and lavender buds. Lavender Infused Oil: Extra-virgin, cold-pressed olive oil and lavender (The lavender is covered with the oil and bottled for 30-50 days in the sunlight and the oil is infused with the properties of the lavender) A nice massage oil or great on the temples if you have a headache, a dry-hair treatment or a moisturizer for stretch marks. Lavender Chocolates: Gluten free dark chocolate, gluten free rice krispies, lavender buds Lavender Scones: flour, sugar, baking powder, salt, lemon zest or lemon juice, butter, lard, icing sugar, food colouring, carnation milk, eggs, lavender jelly (as above) Provencal Spice Rub - Lavender, Salt, Thyme, Fennel Seeds and White Peppercorns. Dream Pillows - Pleasant Dream Blend- Dried organic herbs, Mugwort, Rose petals, Chamomile, Lavender, Catnip and Mint. Relaxing Dream Blend - Lavender, Mugwort and Sweet Hops Sensual Dream Blend - Rosemary, Lavender, Mint, Rose petals and cloves

Practices (our standards for raising or making our products)
My lavender is organically grown (non-certified). I fertilize the plants with a compost tea from my compost pile twice a year. My little plantation is very small, so everything I do with the lavender is "up close and personal". No large machinery here, just hard work, by hand. I hand sew and stitch all my sachets and you could call my style "country cottage", with pretty, feminine colours and styles. The jelly is homemade with basic ingredients. The lavender buds are steeped for 1/2 hour to gain all the benefits and flavour of the lavender. It is then prepared just as a regular jelly would be. What a nice, unique flavour! And good for you too! My kitchen is a non-inspected kitchen but I use the practises of good hygiene and cleanliness. Other dried herbs and flowers are from an Ontario producer and organically grown, (in Dream Pillows).

Additional Information
I have had an amazing summer of participating in the Cobden Farmers Market and Taste of the Valley. Meeting friends and neighbours and "the regulars" each week was very beneficial to me and to all the different people I spoke to about this lovely herb. I tried to impart what knowledge I had of growing, harvesting and using lavender in many ways. In fact, it was so successful that I am now out of this year's harvest! Everyone will have to wait until next year for more fragrant, healing lavender! See you then!