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Filipa Martins & Adam Copeland
Pizza Farm

Griffith, ON
613-333-1841 (home)
Product Types: Wood Fired Pizza (pre- oven baked frozen), Wood fired bagels, Pastured goat meat - Mixed breeds

About Us
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We grow food because we love to eat well. For us producing food became a lifestyle and now a business because we enjoy sharing the experience with others.

We all left the hustle and bustle of a busy city to settle down in Matawatchan, Ontario. Over the 6 years we have lived here we have been producing food. Five years ago we started the Matawatchan Farmer's Market where we sold our produce, baked goods, meats and our wood fired pizzas. This past year we joined the Eganville 100 Mile Farmer's Market and the Taste of the Valley Cobden & Renfrew. With our portable wood fired oven in tow we made our way to the markets and baked the pizzas onsite. During that time we were very well received and sold nearly 1000 pizzas in all the summers events! We expanded this season into prepared frozen meals and our menu will continue to evolve with the changing of the seasons and our production capacity.

We received attention from most local newspapers and CTV2 News came on location to Pizza Farm to advertise for the Taste of the Valley in Cobden. It can be viewed at: Look for the â??Taste of the Valleyâ? segments.

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Our Pizzas are pre-baked in our wood fired oven. They are delivered frozen and vaccum sealed for freshness and flavour:

Pizza Crusts: We use certified Organic Flour and grind certified organic Kamut kernels and Red Fife kernels for our multigrain crusts. And don't think we forgot about you gluten free folks! GLUTEN FREE PIZZAS are now available.

â??â??Meats: Directly from our farm or from the farms of local meat producers.

â?¢Cattle are grass fed only

â?¢Goats and pigs are forest pastured

â?¢Chickens are free run, cage free.

Toppings: â??â??Vegetables, when in season grown from our garden. Otherwise the gardens of local producers who grow organically, naturally.

Sauces: All of our sauces are deliciously homemade.

Our wood fired bagels â?? White or Multigrain. The flour mix is made with certified organic grains (Kamut, Red Fife) We grind the grain kernels into flour just before making the dough for maximum freshness and nutrition.

Practices (our standards for raising or making our products)
Practices We cook our pizzas and baked items in our wood fired oven which is fuelled from firewood harvested by us locally and sustainably. We are involved in as much of the process of producing the final meal as possible, from the sprouting of vegetable seeds in the greenhouse, to the birth of our animals in pasture. We accompany the entire growth of as many ingredients of our menu as possible on our farm. We can appreciate the fact that although the pizzas may bake in 90 seconds in our 800 degree oven, it actually took months, or years for those ingredients to be ready.