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Valley Baby Sheilagh MacKenzie
Valley Baby

Renfrew, ON

282 McBride Road
Renfrew, ON K7V 3Z6
613-432-7259 (home)
Product Types: Homemade frozen baby food using locally grown produce, Frozen in single servings and vacuum sealed.

About Us
I decided to start Valley Baby after having my own children, Lola and Nathan, and discovering how much I enjoyed preparing homemade baby food for them.

There is such an abundance of local food at our finger tips. Why would I buy food in a tiny little jar, with an experiation date long after the point where my children still needed it? And how many miles has this food travelled before it made it to my table?

I started trying many seasonal recipes, like Apple Butternut Squash Soup, and Apple-Pumpkin purees. I would pass it out to my friends for their own babies to test. It was a hit.

My children are to me, what yours are to you, the most important part of my world. Having a hands on role in what type of food goes into them is a choice we can make. Making one's own baby food is a major commitment in terms of time and convenience. I saw this as my chance to provide a service to the many working families who may not have that option. Valley Babies, Enjoy!

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I use as much local produce as possible. I visit several farmer's markets in Renfrew County. Any produce I can't buy locally, such as peaches, I buy only products of Ontario. Rainbow Foods in Ottawa provides me with organic spices, lentils, barley and split peas. In some soups and stews, for babies 12 months+, you may find low-sodium organic vegetable bouillon. I buy as much organic produce as possible, labels are marked accordingly, though it is not necessarily certified.

Practices (our standards for raising or making our products)
All food is cooked and packaged at Stone Meadows Kitchen Shop (a certified kitchen) according to health code regulations. Fruits and vegetables are steamed ensuring highest nutrient content and soups and stews are slow cooked in crockpots. It is frozen into single 1/3 cup or 1/2 cup servings and then vacuum sealed to lock in freshness. It can stay fresh in your freezer for many months.

Highlights this Month
Fruit is just now becoming avaiable. Peaches are here, soon to come will be pears, and apricots.