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Susan Parker
The Upper Crust

Griffith, ON 

613 333-1245 (home)
Product Types: Quebec-style Tortiere, Rustic Salmon Pie, Turkey Pot Pie; freshly made, packaged and frozen. Maple-based products such as Maple Butter Tarts, Maple

About Us
After retiring from nursing, I began baking for my senior parents. My mother no longer felt like baking and the commercial products they bought were tasteless and tough. After the light, flakey pastry that Mom had made, that stuff was sad and disappointing. What they wanted were small meat, turkey and salmon pies, that they could pop in the oven and cook. So I made them mini pies, just big enough for the two of them. I worked out recipes that were familiar to them, nutritional, moist and tasty. I made the food beautiful to inspire them to eat.

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Top-notch ingredients make food great. Butter, eggs, cream, maple syrup, honey, fresh fruit, lean meat are what I cook with. 

Practices (our standards for raising or making our products)
Careful, safe food handling is core to how I work with food. My nursing background, combined with the Safe Food Handling Course, rapid refrigeration or freezing, and lots of hot, soapy water for cleanup, keep my food safe to eat. The 'frozen' pies are beautifully decorated, before being packaged to keep them fresh in the freezer. Ingredients and cooking directions are clearly presented on each box, where the pie can be easily seen through the box window.  

Additional Information
The Blair's Maple Syrup I cook with is produced locally on a spanking new, lead-free stainless, wood-fired evaporator. As OMSPA members, (Ontario Maple Syrup Producers Association) the Maple Syrup is made to the newest and highest standards for brixs, hot pack, labeling etc.. Lots of extra care is taken to make sure the taste and consistency is the best.  

Highlights this Month
Quebec-style Tortiere, Rustic Salmon Pies, Turkey Pot Pie, Maple Shortbread, Maple Apple Pie, Maple Syrup Whirl Pie, Maple Syrup Pie, Maple Pecan Pie, Maple Baklava, Buchwheat Pancake Mix

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I could not survive without the Ottawa Valley Food Coop as I am totally morally allergic to commercial supermarkets. Thank you all the producers for taking care of my family!

Jalaka Mally
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