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Bernard Blair
Blair's Maple Products

Griffith, ON 

262 Raven Lane, RR3
Griffith, ON K0J2R0
613 333 1245 (home)
Product Types: Maple Syrup, Maple Butter, Maple Candy, Maple Sugar

About Us
Like many producers Bernard tinkered with a hobby evaporator and a few buckets, before upgrading a couple of times. Now the operation is a major passion. 

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100% Pure, fresh Maple Syrup ONLY. There is nothing else in any product.

Practices (our standards for raising or making our products)
As Members in good standing with OMSPA (Ontario Maple Syrup Producers Association) we follow the latest recommendations for the industry. Our new evaporator is stainless steel and lead free. All of our equipment and containers are food grade. We focus on ongoing cleanliness at every stage of production. Maple Syrup is made above the recommended minimum brix value (sugar concentration), giving a wonderful consistency. Everything is hot packed and labeled properly. The new grading system has been implemented. To help you understand the changes, we've included information from the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs with our product listings. The colored card will aid in clarifying the changes.

Additional Information
We use a traditional wood-fired evaporator. Great care is taken to ensure cleanliness and filtration in the process, for resulting great taste and clarity of this heritage product. Maple Syrup is hot packed in authentic bottles, labeled including grade, nutritional info and source as a local Ottawa Valley product. 

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Supporting local, sustainable agriculture is so important to us and the OVFC makes it remarkably easy to do so. It’s wonderful that we have the chance to reconnect with the community that we know and love even though we’re no longer living right in the valley.  The Co-op is one of the things we miss most about Renfrew County, so I was more than delighted to learn that you were adding a pick-up location in Ottawa. 

Sara Kowalski MacLellan

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