Chris & Dorothy Martin
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Cobden ON K0J1K, ON 

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Cobden ON K0J1K, ON CA
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About Us
Our 50 acre Farm is located just outside Cobden in Admaston/Bromley Township we started farming in 2013 and raise Pigs,Beef cattle,Rabbits and Chickens 
We try to raise as much of our own feed as possible we grow hay,barley,corn and soybeans we use as little chemicals as possible. For weed control we cultivate the beans and corn and rotate fields into hay every 4 years for a couple years to clean up again.  
We plant our own seed from Barley,corn,soybeans every thing is non GMO For fertilizer we use manure and we also plant cover crops where possible for added nitrogen. We use a fertilizer called Growers for corn which uses only food grade ingredients but is not certified organic. 
The Pigs and are on pasture as soon as grass is ready in spring till late fall. They are fed a corn,barley,soybean meal mix once a day to supplement grass and roots they find on pasture. No steroids,hormones or other such nonsense.  

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I just love the down to earthiness of all the people and the food here! This is an honest to goodness revolution, and it's happening in our pantries and in our browsers... a must for the socially conscious gourmet or those who just plain love to eat ! 

Janie McDonals

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